Sacramento Area Competitions in Mathematics


Sacramento Valley ARML

SACMATH helps recruit students to represent the Sacramento Valley at ARML, one of the most prestigious high-school level mathematics contests in the country. Jeff Soesbe has been helping with NorCal ARML since 2009 (and attended as a member of the Texas team from 1981-1983!)

ARML participation in Northern California is organized through MathLeague.Org (with whom SACMATH partners on math contests). This page gives answers to basic questions about ARML. Full details about ARML, including cost and contest details, are available at the MathLeague.Org website at the following links: 

ARML Teams (general ARML information)

SFBA/Norcal (information specific to Northern California)

Q: What is ARML?

A: ARML (American Regional Mathematics League) is one of the oldest and most prestigious high-school-level mathematics competitions in the country. Teams consisting of 15 students represent their state, region, city, or even school in the competition. (Mr. Soesbe went to ARML as part of the Texas team from 1981-1983).

The teams travel to one of four test centers throughout the USA and take four tough tests of their math problem-solving ability. All testing centers run ARML at the same time, results are coordinated over all test centers, and winners are declared both nationally and for each test center.

We want to form a team to represent the Sacramento Valley region at ARML. This team would travel to University Nevada Las Vegas (our test center) for the competition. The team would practice at UC Davis on Sunday afternoons starting April 17. The team would be organized through MathLeague.Org, which organizes teams for Nothern California including the SF Bay Area and Sacramento Valley. Full ARML information is availble on the MathLeague.Org website (


Q: When is ARML?

A: ARML is Friday June 3 and Saturday June 4. Tests are Friday afternoon and Saturday morning and early afternoon.

Students would need to miss school on Friday June 3. ARML is a prestigious national competition, schools should allow students to miss a day of school just like they allow absence for competitions like Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, Quiz Bowl, Academic Decathlon, etc.


Q: How do Sacramento Valley students get to ARML?

A: SF Bay Area students travel on a bus, leaving Thursday (June 3) morning and returning Sunday evening. Sacramento Valley students usually travel via plane, on "approved" flights that (for 2016) leave Thursday night and returning Saturday evening (They are "approved" because we can guarantee a chaperone on those flights).

Sacramento Valley students can travel on the bus if they like, but they have to provide their own transportation to/from the Bay Area bus pickup/dropoff on Thursday morning and Sunday night.


Q: How much does ARML cost?

A: As noted on the MathLeague.Org website, the cost of ARML participation for 2016 is $350. This includes contest fees, bus fees, Friday night in the UNLV dorms, breakfast and lunch Saturday, and a t-shirt. Students who travel via plane on the "approved" flights, and purchase the flight by a deadline, are reimbursed part of the $350 since they do not take the bus.


Q: How do I register for ARML? 

A: ARML registration is done via MathLeague.Org. The "SFBA/NORCAL" page under the "ARML TEAMS" tab has the links to register with MathLeague.Org for ARML and to pay the registration fee. Students who are flying should purchase their flight ASAP.


Q: What are the ARML tests?

A: ARML consists of four tests:

·      Power: the team has 60 minutes to work on a 10-part question with essay-style answers

·      Team: the team has 20 minutes to works on 10 tough questions together

·      Relay: the team splits into three-person groups and each group works on 3 interlinked questions

·      Individual: each person on the team works on 10 questions, receiving them 2 questions at a time with a 10 minute limit for each pair

More details on tests, along with sample tests, can be found at the ARML website (