Sacramento (and Seattle?) Area Competitions in Mathematics


About SACMath

SACMATH is a non-profit organization dedicated to running math contests for students from elementary school through high school. SACMath was created by Jeff Soesbe, who has been involved in math contests as both a participant and organizer for more than 30 years.


SACMATH (Sacramento Area Competitions in Mathematics) was formed with the goal of providing opportunities for students to challenge themselves and others in mathematical contests.

Math Contests can help build problem-solving skills, provide academic challenges for students at all levels, help students to undercover and improve their mathematical abilities, and enable mathematically strong students to be rewarded for their abilities.

In addition to the contests run by SACMATH, there are many other math contests that can be run in classes during the school day or in math clubs during or after school. Visit the "Other Contests" page on this website for more details on these contests.


Jeff Soesbe [Picture To Be Added] 

Jeff Soesbe has been running math contests at local elementary schools and middle schools for several years. He currently coaches the Math Contest Club at Winston Churchill Middle School, is the Sacramento Valley Chapter Coordinator for MathCounts, volunteers at local academic and mathematics contests, and serves as an assistant coach for the San Francisco Bay Area team at national ARML Contest. In middle school and high school in San Antonio, Texas, Jeff competed in math contests and won multiple awards at the regional, state and national levels.


Math Contests only succeed through the efforts of volunteers! SACMATH always needs volunteers for all areas of a contest, from registration to scoring tests to proctoring to result tabulation to general information management. If you're interested in volunteering at a SACMATH contest, contact us at [email protected] with a subject line "Volunteering".

Email List

SACMATH maintains an email list for distribution of information about upcoming SACMATH contests, math contest-related information, and math contest tips and samples. We DO NOT sell or give away our email list (I hate spam!) All SACMATH emails have a subject that starts with "[sacmath]" for easy filtering.

If you're interested in being on the SACMATH email list, contact us at [email protected].