Sacramento Area Competitions in Mathematics


Welcome to SACMATH

SACMATH (Sacramento Area Competitions in Mathematics) is an organization led by Jeff Soesbe that has been running mathematics contests in the Sacramento region since October 2009.

During the 2018-2019 school year, I am planning another series of fun and challenging contests. I will also publicize other contests and math-related activities in the region. You can join the SACMATH mailing list to receive announcements of upcoming contests and activities.

My plan is to have one contest day per month from October through March. On this contest day there would be MathLeague.Org Elementary School and Middle School Contests.

Once I have the contest days set and a site arranged I will announce the contests to this website and the SACMATH email list (and the MathLeague.Org contest calendar).

I am working with UC Davis to have it again be a regional site for the AMC contests (AMC-8, AMC-10/12 A and B). All tests would be in the evening at UC Davis. AMC-8 is scheduled for Tuesday November 13. Once I have contest details set I will announce them to this website and to the mailing list.

Results from previous contests can be found on the "Contest Results" page.

Feel free to contact Jeff Soesbe of SACMATH at [email protected] with any questions. I hope you enjoy the contests!

Last Updated: September 7, 2018


Saturdays: Math Circle at UC Davis

I am confirming with the UC Davis Math Department that they will be holding Math Circle sessions. Once I have details I will post them to this website and to the SACMATH email list.

For more details, contact the UC Davis Math Circle at [email protected] or visit their website (

October 2018: SACMATH contests

I am working to schedule SACMATH contests on a weekend day in October 2018. There would be ES and MS contests. More details will be available once the contest details are set.