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(Last Updated: May 6, 2020)

The in-person ARML competition in May has been cancelled, but MATHLEAGUE.ORG is holding online practices for the FARML (Fake ARML, on May 16) and ARML Local (on May 30-31) competitions. Come join practices for good problem-solving experience and the online competitions.

Practices are Saturdays and Sundays from 5pm to 7pm. The practice content is the same on Saturday and Sunday, but there is enough content that students can do something different each day. The content is oriented towards students with experience in high-school-level mathematics (algebra and geometry), but there is usually a "Beginners Room" that provides a slower-paced "guided experience" with the practice content.

If you are interested in the online practices, do the following:

- Sign up for the MathLeague.Org ARML mailing list at

- Read the mailing list archive at

- Review practice schedule and content at

Hope to see you at ARML practice!

SACMATH uses tests from MathLeague.Org and MathLeague.Org has come out with a statement on Coronavirus that is a good statement of policy and status. Please read the statement for a policy and status on contests.

SACMATH (Sacramento Area Competitions in Mathematics) is an organization led by Jeff Soesbe that has been running mathematics contests in the Sacramento region since October 2009.

During the 2019-2020 school year, I am planning another series of fun and challenging contests. I will also publicize other contests and math-related activities in the region. You can join the SACMATH mailing list to receive announcements of upcoming contests and activities.

My plan is to have one contest day per month from October through March. On this contest day there would be MathLeague.Org Elementary School and Middle School Contests. I will also try to do some High School contests during the year, as time and site availability permits.


UC Davis has a Math Circle program, for math education and problem solving building, with meetings throughout the year. I am also planning to work wtih UC Davis to host the AMC competitions throughout the school year. Details are below.

I will be recruiting students to form an ARML team to representing Sacramento Valley at ARML. Practices will be Saturdays in 2020 at UC Davis, in conjunction with Math Circle. See below for more information.

Feel free to contact me (Jeff Soesbe of SACMATH) at [email protected] with any questions. 

I hope you enjoy the contests!

- Jeff Soesbe


Saturdays: Math Circle at UC Davis

UC Davis Math Department will once again be hosting Math Circle Sessions. The sessions will be on Saturdays (start date not known yet).

For more details, contact the UC Davis Math Circle at [email protected] or visit their website (


Sunday October 20, 2019, there were two math contests: an Elementary School Contest and a Middle School Contest

Results for the contests are available at MathLeague.Org. Click on the contest type (ELEMENTARY SCHOOL or MIDDLE SCHOOL) then on RESULTS.

MS Countdown Results: 1st = D H , Holmes; 2nd = H P, Churchill; 3rd = W L, Monte Vista; 4th = M M, Granite Oaks

Sunday November 17, 2019: AMC8 at UC Davis, from 1:00 to 3:00

In conjunction with the UC Davis Math Circle, we hosted the AMC8 competition at UC Davis, Giedt Hall on Sunday Nov 17 from 1:00 to 3:00

For more information about AMC tests see the MAA AMC website (

Art of Problem Solving maintains an archive of AMC8 Problems and Solutions at:  (

Saturday November 23, 2019: MathLeague.Org contests @ Winston Churchill MS

Saturday November 23, 2019, there were two math contests: an Elementary School Contest and a Middle School Contest

Results for the contests are available at MathLeague.Org. Click on the contest type (ELEMENTARY SCHOOL or MIDDLE SCHOOL) then on RESULTS.

Due to computer problems, no Countdown contest was held (darn).

January/February 2020: AMC10/AMC12 (A and B tests) at UC DAVIS

In coordination with UC Davis Math Circle, we will be working to host the AMC competitions (AMC10 and AMC12, both A and B dates). 

AMC 10A and 12A will be the evening of Thursday January 30.

AMC 10B and 12B will be the evening of Wednesday, February 5.

For more information about AMC tests see the MAA AMC website (

AMC10 test archive (

AMC12 test archive (

January 25-26, 2020: MathLeague.Org contests @ Holmes JHS, Davis

On the weekend of January 25-26, three contests were held: An Elementary School Contest, a Middle School Contest, and a High School Contest.

Results for the contest are available at MathLeague.Org. Click on the contest type (ELEMENTARY, MIDDLE, or HIGH SCHOOL), then click on RESULTS.

MS Countdown Results: 1st = Irene X, Harper; 2nd = Neil K, Covington; 3rd = Kina L, Holmes; 4th = Wenlun L, Monte Vista

Saturday, February 15, 2020: MathCounts Chapter Contest @ UC Davis

The MathCounts Sacramento Valley Chapter Contest was held on Saturday, February 15, 2020 at Giedt Hall, UC Davis. Top Schools were Holmes JHS, Churchill MS, Folsom MS. All three school teams advance to State as well as three more individuals: Nihar M, Granite Oaks; Peter O, Sutter Charter, and Hari S, Churchill. Good luck to all students at State! 

For more information about MathCounts see the MathCounts website

March 1, 2020: High School contest @ Franklin HS, Elk Grove

On the afternoon of Sunday March 1, Franklin HS in Elk Grove will be hosting a High School Contest.

Details on the contest, including how to register, can be found at the contest website.

Saturday, March 14, 2020: MathLeague.Org contests @ Winston Churchill MS, Carmichael


Sunday, March 29, 2020: MathLeague.Org ES District Contest

AS OF THURSDAY MARCH 12, THE DISTRICT CONTEST IS MOVING TO AN ONLINE FORMAT. MathLeague.Org will be in touch with all qualified students, with the details.

Future Contests 

(depending on schedule and site availability):

May 29 - May 30, 2020: ARML (American Regions Mathematics League)

Represent Sacramento Valley at ARML, one of the most prestigious high-school-level math contests in the country! Mr Soesbe is forming a team to compete at ARML. More details can be found on the Sacramento Valley ARML page on this website. 

Past Contests

Results from past MathLeague.Org Contests are available at the MathLeague.Org website (click on the contest type (Elementary/Middle/High), then on RESULTS, then look for the contest date)